We are located in front of Playa Prieta, Potrero, Guanacaste.

Family Villa

Family Villa

3 Rooms

3 Bathrooms

Swimming pool on the property

Furnished terrace

Cable TV

Air Conditioning

Wi-Fi internet

Equipped kitchen

What else does it include?

What does not include?

To be considered

  • This villa has parking for 3 vehicles
  • There is a wide variety of restaurants in the area
  • Nearby in the center of Potrero there is a varied super market.
  • Our villas are fully equipped, we do not have a restaurant.
  • Pets are not allowed without exception, in case of bringing a pet you will have to pay a fine of $300.
  • The villa does not include a barbecue grill, you can rent a gas grill for $10 per day or a charcoal grill for $5 per day (charcoal not included).

Photos Deluxe Family Villa

Villa 1

Villa 2

Villa 3

Villa 4

Number of family villas

Villas number 1, 2, 3 and 4

Important: We guarantee a category, we do not guarantee a specific villa number.

Family Villa